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Hail causes severe damage to roofs, gutters, soffit, siding and more.  It is necessary that when hail has been located in your area and you have damage to your dwelling, that you report it immediately.

The Risk of Ignoring Hail Damage

Not only can hail damage to your roof expose asphalt shingles and disrupt tiles, but it can shorten its overall lifespan.  If left ignored, hail damage can leave your home exposed to wind, rain, snow and more. Leaks caused by major hail damage can allow water to seep in and cause damage to your home’s structure as well as electrical wiring, drywall and insulation. What begins as a small hail damage issue can grow quickly into mold or mildew damage and even create fire hazards. When identified and fixed early, hail damage can oftentimes be repaired very cost effectively.

Hail Damage Insurance Claims: Time Will Run Out

Another key reason to report hail damage quickly is your insurance claim timeframe. No matter your insurance provider or coverage, there is a period of time in which you can make a claim for hail damage. Most of the time, hail damage must be reported within a year to be eligible for Insurance to cover the damage. Because you may not realize the extent of the hail damage your roof has sustained for some time, it’s critical to have a professional inspection after a hail storm. GSD Construction Services provides free inspections on your roof and will meet with your Insurance Adjuster to go over all the problem areas you may have on your roof or siding

What may initially appear to be small dents in your asphalt shingles or broken tiles, can snowball into a major problem in the coming months or years. Our trained professionals can help you determine if what seems like a small problem today has the potential to drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof. Together we will determine if your seemingly minor damage has the potential to be a major issue down the road, it might be time to file an insurance claim. Filing a claim should not raise premiums as a hail storm is considered an act of God and should have no effects on your premiums. If the damage is contained and relatively small, we can repair your hail damaged roof without involving your Insurance Provider.

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At GSD Construction Services, we are here to help property owners deal with the hail damage repair process. From helping you with your insurance provider to assessing your damage, we’re here for you every step of the way. Before involving your insurance provider, we encourage you to schedule your free, no-obligation hail damage inspection.


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