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Your First Steps After a Storm

Storms that ravage Illinois and Florida are often to be taken seriously. Even with precautionary steps
taken, it can be hard to know where to begin in the aftermath of a storm. Being overwhelmed in this
situation is not uncommon. Of course, first and foremost is the safety of you and your loved ones. Your
home may no longer be the safest place for you to be while damage is being handled. Finding a place to
settle at homes of friends or family or a hotel, or locating a shelter should be a priority if your home is not safe. Here is what to do next:

Check Your Roof

From hail to wind, there are many storm hazards that can cause serious damage to your roof. Let us help
by taking this worry off your hands. Roof damage can be difficult to see until the initial damage causes
further dismay such as leaks and mold, both of which can damage interior property as well. Not
correcting roof damage can also invalidate warranties. Catching and correcting the damage immediately
is vital. GSD Construction Services offers a variety of types of roofing for your home of office:

  • Flat
  • Metal
  • Cedar
  • Asphalt
  • Tile
  • Slate

We’re confident that our experts can repair or replace your roofing and provide you with outstanding
service. After a storm, this means securing your home with shrinkwrap to prevent further damage.

Let Us Help

We offer a free, no obligation inspection and can inspect your roof using drone technology to help prevent further damage to your roof.  We also include:

  • 5-year labor warranty
  • Free roof inspection
  • Prompt and efficient service

We want to be at your side from start to finish. Get a free estimate today by giving us a call at 1-800-957-1187.