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While most roofs that are installed correctly and made of good material will last for several decades, no roof lasts forever. When small leaks and problems become too much of an expense and headache to fix, you may consider an entirely new roof for your home. At GSD Construction Services, we are happy to offer several different types of roofing when you hit your roof lifespan.

What to Watch for

There are many factors involved in how long your roof lasts. Some you can watch for as a home or business owner, and others should be assessed by a professional roofer. If your home is hit particularly hard by any of the following, it may be worth getting a free estimate for a new roof.

  • Exposure to sun: wear and tear are sped up by heat and darker colored roofs absorb more energy. Roof degradation is often accelerated by intense ultraviolet radiation.
  • Elements: many roofing systems are designed to withstand corrosive and detrimental elements, but nature remains any roof’s number one enemy.
  • Insulation: attic temperatures rise when a house is not insulated properly, which can have a detrimental effect on the roof.
  • Age: even the best roofs will need to be replaced at a certain point. If you are considering getting a new roof, age should be a factor you consider, as an aging roof may not be worth repairing.
  • Maintenance: as with every other part of your home or office, your roof requires regular maintenance. If you care for your roof and have it maintained professionally, it will last longer. Many warranties are voided because roofs are not properly cared for.
  • Installation: the most frequent cause of early roof failure is improper installation and poor workmanship. Even the highest quality roof won’t last if it is installed wrong.
  • Ventilation: roofing materials, especially asphalt shingles, can be cooked from the inside if your attic is not ventilated properly.
  • Pitch: the roof can shed water based on its slope, and every roof is limited in how much ponding can be handle before strength is lost.
  • Materials: some materials, such as tile and metal roofs last longer than others. Asphalt shingles offer durability, beauty and energy efficiency, but don’t last as long as other materials.

What You Can Expect From GSD

Many problems with a roof can be fixed before they get out of control if a professional roofer is called. At GSD Construction Services, we promise to always repair small problems when we can, but to be up front and honest with you when it is time to replace your roof. Contact us today for a free estimate if you think it’s time to change.