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Common Signs That Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

You may notice that your roof has small leaks or problems that are inconvenient and a nuisance, but how do you know when it’s time to do a complete overhaul to your roof? Your home is your biggest investment, and the roofing on it is vital to protecting your belongings and your family from the elements. To guarantee your roof is in good working order, we encourage you to watch for a few common signs that your roof should be replaced.

Judge by Age

Even if your roof functions well, its age may tell you that it’s time for a replacement. As a rule of thumb, most experts agree a roof should be replaced when it is between 20 and 25 years of age. While this is a good standard guideline, other factors come into play, such as:

• Is the roof properly ventilated?
• How many layers of shingles have been placed over the years?
• Was the original, older roof removed before the current one was installed?

If you feel your roof is getting old and may need replacement, we encourage you to contact a professional to determine what steps to take.

Shingle Problems

If you are missing shingles, or they seem to be curling and buckling in the areas that get direct sunlight, your roof is likely past its prime. Keep an eye on your shingles, as they are almost always a good indicator that something is wrong with your roof.

When checking your shingles, pay close attention to the valley areas. Extra moisture can compromise these spots, causing roof leaks.

Daylight Coming In

If you feel a bit of a spring in your step when you walk across your roof boards, this may be a sign of weakening from moisture. Look in your attic to see if any daylight is slipping through the roof boards, and look to see if the insulation is gathering moisture. These can be clear signs that the decking of the roof is compromised by water damage.

Call a Pro

While you can watch for common signs that your roof needs to be replaced, we advise you to call a professional before you make the final decision. At GSD Construction Services LLC, we are here to help any time you have roofing problems. Call us today at 1-800-957-1187.